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Dear Bridal Shower Planner,
My name is Catherine Rose and I have something to share with you. I have faced some of the same giants that you are probably facing right now. I had to host several bridal showers in a very short amount of time. One would have been difficult enough for me, but three! The hassles I went through are still fresh in my mind! What I needed more than anything was TIME! Time is always a precious commodity in my life! How about yours?

I wanted to create atmosphere, fun, ambiance, and memories, so I started searching the internet for all the secrets, tips, and games I would need to host some great bridal showers.

What junk I had to sort through! Advertising banners were flashing, hotlinks were taking me everywhere but where I wanted to be, and the games I found were trite, mediocre, and just plain worthless in my opinion. For every hour of searching, I could find at least one idea to adapt. Time was just ticking by, and I had a million other things to do! I decided that SOMEONE had to compile all the good ideas into one source, to save all the other bridal shower hostesses the pain of going through what I went through!


The bridal showers were so successful, because everyone from my daughter, her friends, and my friends, all lavished me with compliments for the best bridal shower they had ever attended. The day after throwing my third bridal shower I received this letter from my pastorís wife in my email:

testimonial Patricia Waymire

Dear Cathy,
I had planned to talk to you Sunday night after church, I got sidetracked and you were gone when I looked for you. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Bridal Shower and thought it was really one of the best. You did a wonderful job. You are so creative and gifted that way.

Patricia Winters

No Competition!

I want to share with you all of the secrets, tips, games, and ideas that I have created and adapted in one easy eBook that you can download right now into your own computer. You can print out whatever you need, for as many guests as you anticipate. I have seen some websites that try to charge you per page, for their guest games! Some try to sell you individual games at an exorbitant price, or they entice you to spend some more money to purchase their whole package, with dozens of worthless games, including games in another language. I donít want any fluff in my book!

I did not include junk in this eBook just to say I have X number of pages, games, and tips! All of the bridal shower games, ideas, and themes which I have included in this eBook are valuable and useful ideas for every bridal shower party!

Your Time Is Very Valuable!

You can scour the internet if you wish, and come up with the same results I did: LOTS of WASTED TIME + LOTS of JUNK + a few ideas that can be adapted with lots of work and more time spent.

You will have to create your own answer keys and do a lot of copy-pasting to make presentable and useable games.

PLEASE let me help you! I did all that! I have what you need! I put everything that you will need to host the best bridal shower ever in one simple eBook. Get instant access to my Best Bridal Shower Games within just minutes after ordering online! All you have to do is click the purchase button and youíre on your way to hosting the best bridal shower!

This eBook Isn't Like Any Other General Or Generic Book On Bridal Showers That You Can Find In Any Store, On The internet, Or Even At Your Local Library For That Matter!

Here's just a quick peek at all the great stuff you will be getting with your purchase of Best Bridal Shower Games and More

Bridal Shower Games and More

Whether you are a novice bridal shower hostess or youíre a seasoned veteran at hosting bridal showers, Best Bridal Shower Games and More will be the best purchase you will ever make if you plan to break from the old routine games and ideas that women dread the thought of when they hear the words: Bridal Shower. This collection of games and ideas is guaranteed to help make any bridal shower the best it can possibly be!

You will have access to over 100 pages of helpful and exciting information, including themes, checklists, games, and tips and more. In addition, I'm giving you 11 VALUABLE BONUSES valued at over $237 at no additional charge!


Here's just a quick peek at all the great stuff I have to offer you in the Bridal Shower Games and More guide...

  • Answers to the Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Bridal Shower Etiquette
  • How to easily and successfully plan and organize the perfect bridal shower
  • Comprehensive Bridal Shower Notes and Vital Information
  • A Complete Bridal Shower Hostess Checklist
  • 22 Fun and Unique Bridal Shower Themes, along with ideas for theme-related decorations, food, favors, and gifts
  • A large collection of 25 fun, entertaining, and unique Bridal Shower Games and Other Fun Ideas, with all the game cards and answer keys included
  • Ideas for Bridal Shower favors that every guest will be thrilled to take home with them
  • Bridal Shower Games that are INSTANTLY available to you! Just select the games you want, and print them right from your own computer! Make as many copies as you need!

Make certain your next bridal shower is the BEST Bridal Shower!

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Nicole GriffithI was a little hesitant to make my first purchase over the internet, but this whole bridal shower had me in such a tizzy, I wanted to crawl in a hole and make it go away. I have never been creative and I really dreaded the thought of hosting a flop of a party! I asked myself what could it hurt? I could stay nervous and frantically search for ideas every day until the shower, or buy this eBook and see if it made my dreams come true. Man, am I glad I made the right choice! I bought your eBook and it was a LIFESAVER for me! It had all that I needed and WAY MORE too. Thank-you for helping me to host a GREAT BRIDAL SHOWER for my best friend in the world! She loved it and so did everyone else! I used many of your games and they were all just right, nothing corny or stupid! Thanks a million!

Nicole Griffith

Stephanie Williams"My friends could not stop talking about how awesome my bridal shower was. Thanks to your ebook, my bridal shower party is what everyone talked about on my MySpace page for weeks. All my friends agreed it was the best bridal shower they have been to so far. Your games are simply the best! I had so much fun! Thanks for making my bridal shower a huge success!

Stephanie Williams

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3 We provide you with 25 printable games and more the answer keys.
4 22 fun and unique bridal shower themes are included along with ideas for theme-related decorations, food, favors, and gifts.
5 We do NOT charge you for individual games.
6 You can use these shower ideas over and over for years to come.
7 You get 11-FREE BONUSES valued at $237.92 along with your purchase.
8 You do not have to take the risk of getting a low quality or worthless product. There is a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
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